Urban fossils of The Nederlands

Jelle Reumer is a professor of Vertebrate Palaeontology at Utrech University. Although Jelle's scientific interest focusses on Tertiary and Quaternary Mammal Palaeontology, he is also interested in science communication and urban fossils, as he often shows through his Twitter account (@JelleReumer). Jelle has recently published "Kijk waar je loopt! - over stadspaleontology", which can be loosely translated as "Watch your step! - About Town Palaeontology".


This book, edited by Historische Uitgeverij, explores the evolution of organisms through Geological time. This exploration is conducted in a very particular way, using urban fossils found on the streets of different cities of The Netherlands.

Jelle Reumer investigates the origin of fossiliferous stones used in The Netherlands, some of which have been imported from other countries, such as Sweden, France and Portugal.

Urban fossils found by Jelle Reumer include sponges, corals, bivalves, brachiopods, gastropods and different kinds of cephalopods. Some of these fossils are particularly uncommon on construction stones, such as rostroconchs, an extinct group of moluscs with valves very similar to those of bivalves. The book also describes pavements with beautiful cross sections of ammonites, belemnites and orthoceras, as well as very well preserved sea urchin shells.

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Kijk waar je loopt! - Over stadspaleontologie (ISBN 978 90 6554 446 9)
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