Marine fossils on the streets of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam hides very good examples of urban fossils on building walls and the pavements of streets and squares. As Annemieke van Roekel describes in her book «Discover Fossils in Downtown Amsterdam», the Carboniferous limestone known as "bluestone" has been used for centuries as a construction stone on pavements, façades, staircases, windowsills, etc. Since this rock is very rich in marine fauna, you can find interesting urban fossils on a walk through the city's historic centre. Read More…

Rudists on the pavement of an underground station of Bucharest

The Politehnica underground station of Bucharest subway hides a stunning collection of rudist bivalves on its pavement that ignored every day by most passengers. The pavement of this underground station has been paved with slabs of a red limestone that are very rich in fossils, particularly in bivalves of the rudist group.  Read More…