Fossils and art at Green Park underground station

Green Park Underground Station, in London, has recently undergone an extensive renovation. The new entrance and the pavement are now made of Portland Stone, a Jurassic limestone quarried on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. This stone has been widely used in London and elsewhere as a construction material since Roman times, and as a result it has become quite ubiquitous in this city.  Read More…

Marine fossils on the streets of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam hides very good examples of urban fossils on building walls and the pavements of streets and squares. As Annemieke van Roekel describes in her book «Discover Fossils in Downtown Amsterdam», the Carboniferous limestone known as "bluestone" has been used for centuries as a construction stone on pavements, façades, staircases, windowsills, etc. Since this rock is very rich in marine fauna, you can find interesting urban fossils on a walk through the city's historic centre. Read More…

Collaborate with Paleourbana

Paleourbana's map has more than 250 sites of urban fossils in 54 cities around the world. Many of these sites have been sent by urban fossils fans that have made their discoveries in their cities. Do you want to collaborate with Paleourbana and help making a larger map of urban fossils? It is really easy! You just need a camera – you can even use your phone – and a keen eye to discover the urban fossils that are hidden in your neighborhood. On Paleourbana's collaborate section you can find more details about the information you have to send to make the page of a new urban fossil site. You don't need to identify all the specimens. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help. Paleourbana has recently received some exciting examples of urban fossils. Raúl Rivas (@RaulRivasG) has found astonishing ammonoids in Salamanca, whereas Ricardo López (@sotolon) has shared the fossil gastropods hidden in Zaragoza's 'Puente de Piedra'. There are many other urban fossils hidden somewhere, waiting to be found by you… perhaps not far from your home. Get involved! Read More…